We are on the eve of the machine-to-machine economy (M2M), in which machines and robots will enter into business relationships independently, continuously and at lightning speed. Especially in M2M, Blockchains aka DLTs show their true power and strength - be it permissionless or permission-based. The Internet of Things, on the other hand, has already become a young but comparatively wide accepted technology in many companies and can be seen as the foundation of digital transformation. What possibilities arise from the connection of an efficiency machine like IoT with the trust layer of a DLT, which enables machine-bound trust processes? Are we seeing the radical redefinition of large parts of the human economy? Or will we witness another technological bubble? What benefits and advantages could the connection of IoT & DLT bring, at a time when mankind is facing an unprecedented challenge - global warming?

In a highly interesting DLT / IoT round-up, Holger Koether from IOTA and Bernd Molzahn from Ubirch present the actual status of their enterprise-ready solutions and talk about the accuracy of fit of their DLT to IoT, while Tanya Suarez from BlueSpecs will speak about the transformative paradigm shift for economy and society resulting from the merger of IoT and DLT.

In a panel with the participation of the audience, the 3 key players of Europe’s DLT scene - moderated by Arne Flick from the IoT ONE Academy - will discuss current trends in the connection of IoT and DLT and give suggestions for use-cases in companies in Berlin and Germany. Secure your place today at the Coffee Break on May 26th, 2021 from 2pm to 3pm.

Our Speaker:

  • 14:00 Introduction: Arne Flick , CEO & Co-Founder IoT One Academy and Circle Leader DLT/Blockchain at IoT+Network
  • 14:05 Welcoming: Falco Schütt, Director of Board of IoT+ Network, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Marketing bei Next Big Thing AG
  • 14:10 Tanya Suarez / Founder & CEO IoT Tribe

Title: Reaching the parts other tech cannot reach: the new IoT and DLT paradigm.

Once a buzzword for a brave, new world with ubiquitous connectivity, the Internet of Things has evolved into a key enabler of digital transformation and a cornerstone of the digital economy. But what technologies can enable the IoT? And what benefits can this bring to business and society.

  • 14:20 Holger Köther / Director Partnerships & Projects at the IOTA Foundation

Title: IOTA: A new type of blockchain without being a blockchain, to enable data sharing, digital twins and identities

With its unique positioning of being green and having feeless transactions ($0), IOTA stands out among traditional blockchains. Due to its novel DAG structure IOTA is not limited by the drawbacks of blockchain but is the best suited and highly scalable distributed ledger technology for data driven scenarios and use-cases like data sharing, digital identities and tokenization. In a 10 minutes nutshell Holger will provide a short overview of recent improvements and shows how companies can use IOTA today.

  • 14:30 Stephan Noller / CEO & Co-Founder at Ubirch GmbH

Title: Trust in data-based business models in a multi-stakeholder / multi-hop data sharing environment

Multi-Stakeholder Business - in the near future we will see a drastic increase in data-driven business models across almost all verticals, energy, healthcare, buildings, mobility, supply chain etc. - to let it flourish the trust in trans-sectoral data-streams will be crucial. But traditional IT security approaches are not suited to solve this problem easily - what else can be done, to increase trust in data?

  • 14:40 Open Q&A
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