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Become part of Germany’s digital strategy. The IoT+Network helps you scale and connect your business while the ecosystem drives Germany’s transformation further into a digital hub..

The BMWK justifies the creation of a Digital Agency in their digital strategy 2025 by analyzing several facts:

  • In modern society, technology and data are of increasing importance, and they have impacted various facets of life including communication, commerce, education, and many others. As a result of the ability to collect, process, and analyze large amounts of data, new possibilities for innovations and problem-solving have emerged for both individuals and organizations.

  • The increased efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness that come with the use of digital technologies can drive economic growth and contribute to the overall development of a country. This is particularly true for Germany, a country that stands out for its strong industrial and technological base. By leveraging its technological strength and promoting the use of digital technologies, the country could see a significant increase in its GDP.

  • The challenges faced by society today often require collaborative and interdisciplinary solutions. The isolated approach to problem-solving, where organizations or individuals work in silos, is no longer effective in a rapidly changing and interconnected world. Working together and sharing resources, knowledge, and expertise can help to create more comprehensive and effective solutions that address complex problems in a timely manner.

The Digital Hub Initiative from the BMWK was created to focus on twelve specific areas with one goal in mind: establishing Germany as a leading digital location. The collaboration between start-ups, established companies, research institutions, and experts created a unique and innovative network that can help drive the country’s transformation into a digital hub.

This is where the IoT+Network comes into the picture. As a collaboration between IoT companies, universities, and Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie is aimed at driving the development and adoption of the Internet of Things Technology. The founding members (Team Neusta, Next Big Thing, MotionLab.Berlin, BuildingMinds, CODE University of Applied Sciences, and the HTW University of Applied Sciences) bring together a range of expertise and resources to create an ecosystem that supports the growth and innovation of IoT.

So far it has been 2 years of matchmaking companies, creating collaboration projects, and showcasing the benefits that correct IoT implementation can bring to any activity. The advantages that members find within the IoT+Network are increasing every week since connections are made with the government, financial institutions, and research organizations.

Find in our community a group of like-minded innovators that is willing to collaborate in emergent technology projects.

“We were looking for a network with a wide range of members in order to partner and offer our competencies in a bundle way. We got a complete community that keeps its knowledge up to date, supports and advises each other, and also likes to philosophize about the future of IoT.”

Fatlinda Nikqi, Co-Founder Coderritter GmbH

We have built a community of startups and companies in the IoT industry and together we are strengthening the ecosystem.

“IoT+Network is a great platform for Staex for creating meaningful connections within and outside the IoT community. It’s a great amplifier for all the topics related to the IoT Industry. The variety of members and their proactiveness is a great catapult for the European IoT ecosystem!” Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk Founder & CEO - Staex more

Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk Gründerin & CEO – Staex more

We offer exclusive access to insights from all the actors in our ecosystem. We provide direct information about how things are going so that you can stay on top of trends and beat deadlines. We also know all the right people—we’ll connect you with mentors and consultants who can help you navigate the startup world with confidence.

“The synergy we have with IoT+ enables endless partnerships by leveraging on our value proposition and their network; we are very delighted to add a + to our top-notch IoT solutions.”

Gábor László Mándoki CPO Weeve more

We are aware of the skilled labor shortage in Germany and we are constantly creating opportunities for training and student development.

“The IoT+Network has been a key driver in supporting us to educate and foster young professionals within the MakeUp+ IoT program. I am very eager to see the profound impact that the program participants are bound to have within the digitalization in Berlin and Europe as a whole.”

Tayla Sheldrake Head of Startup Success MotionLab ML GmbH more


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