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A new Board of Directors was elected at our Annual General Meeting! We are excited to have a cohesive group of experienced professionals from a variety of backgrounds, all of whom are dedicated to advancing the industry through innovation and collaboration. Find out who is now leading the IoT+Network and get to know their personalities and skills better.

Ramtin Ramin: The experienced marketing strategist

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Leading the board is Ramtin, who founded his own marketing agency at the age of 19, which he ran for 11 years. He then managed large agencies in the fields of performance, content and online marketing, as well as web development and PR. Since 2021, Ramtin has been working at Next Big Thing AG as Director of Marketing, a position he moved to after being hired as Director of Investment. In this role, he takes care of the go-to-market strategies for their ventures and represents NBT internationally at conferences. His extensive experience in marketing, operations and strategy makes him a valuable asset to the board.

“As a venture studio for the machine economy, Next Big Thing AG relies on a strong ecosystem for its 12 current ventures. By partnering with the IoT+Network and its network of members, we can achieve more together than just on our own.”

– Ramtin Ramin

Paula Neuber: Building bridges to drive innovation & growth

Paula is a passionate organizational development professional with a background in sociology, politics, and economics. Having worked in various roles including accelerator building in Myanmar and founding an initiative for university students to learn coding, Paula now leads the president’s office at CODE University with the purpose of creating the best learning and teaching environment for students and faculty. Paula’s expertise lies in systemic organizational consulting and coaching. She strongly believes in the transformative power of technology to create a better world.

She is passionate about fostering collaboration and co-creation across diverse stakeholder groups and bringing a fresh perspective and passion for innovation to the IoT+Network With her background as systemic organizational consultant and coach, she is skilled in helping teams navigate complex challenges and develop innovative solutions, which will be invaluable in co-creating joint projects within the network.

“At CODE, a university for digital product development, we see the critical role that the Internet of Things plays in shaping our digital future. The IoT+Network provides a unique opportunity to connect students and employers in the industry, creating a pipeline of qualified talent that can drive innovation and growth.”

– Paula Neuber

Heiko Müller: Expert for digital transformation

Heiko is an expert when it comes to digital business. He has been in the industry for over 30 years and has been at the forefront of the digital transformation. During his time at HEC, a team neusta company, Heiko has built up various teams and managed software projects in many different industries, such as logistics, trade, production and energy, both for corporates and start-ups.

Because of his vast industry know-how, he has been tasked to lead the matchmaking services of the IoT+Network. Heiko has been part of the IoT+Board since day one and, together with his expertise in the design of innovations in the IoT sector, he can ensure that the matchmaking services are efficiently and effectively designed and executed.

“IoT is one of the megatrends with applications in many areas of the economy and is already increasingly determining the digital transformation in companies. For team neusta as a digital full-service provider, it is therefore logical and consistent to help shape the topic of IoT. As a ‘digital family,’ we at team neusta already live networking and cooperative working today. This fits in with our commitment to the IoT+ Network. With our expertise and our passion for the digital, we look forward to bringing IoT Made in Europe forward together with the other members.

Heiko Müller

René Giese: Entrepreneur with focus on innovation & sustainability

René Giese began his career at PwC in corporate sustainability. He was driven by his passion to drive positive change and was eager to pursue opportunities to do so. This ambition led him to co-found a 3D printing engineering company and a tech education startup. Both businesses were successful, leading to their merger with the MotionLab.Berlin ecosystem. As a result, René Giese joined the management team at MotionLab.Berlin, where he continues to help foster a culture of innovation and sustainability.

René brings strong entrepreneurial experiences into the role, which involves working with startups and scaleups, helping them to develop their businesses. Creating and working in an innovation hub and startup ecosystem gives him a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that come with supporting early-stage hardware startups working on disruptive technologies.

“As an innovation hub for hardware startups, MotionLab.Berlin is highly focused on IoT and the network that enables it. For our company, the IoT+Network is important because it offers numerous opportunities for our startups to develop and test their IoT solutions and connect with potential customers and partners. By leveraging the power of IoT and the IoT+ Network, we aim to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the hardware ecosystem and contribute to the growth of the industry.”

René Giese

The new IoT+Board is ready to work on fostering collaborations and scaling IoT business towards Germany´s digital strategy. Do you have an idea for a project? Then get in touch with our Board:

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What are the current developments in digital solutions for home care and what leading technologies are currently emerging?

What are the current developments in digital solutions for home care and what leading technologies are currently emerging?