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As more and more industries are moving towards sustainability and net zero, the real estate sector is quickly following suit. But finding long-term solutions that can drive real results requires adopting innovative ways of thinking, creating new connections, and always keeping the big picture in mind. BuildingMinds is reshaping real estate with a holistic data platform that can do even more than drive sustainability.

BuildingMinds: Reshaping real estate with data

Decarbonization and digitization are changing the real estate industry. Buildings currently account for around 38 percent of energy-related CO2 emissions and 58 percent of urban carbon emissions, and are responsible for over 55 percent of the global electricity consumption. As only 1 percent of buildings worldwide are rated carbon neutral, the need to reduce these emissions is urgent.

At the same time, tenants, employees, and stakeholders increasingly expect sustainability and state-of-the-art experiences in and around buildings.

The way to meet all these requirements is clear: it is through new and better insights using data.

A project scope to future-proof real estate

The PropTech BuildingMinds, one of our founding members, has made sustainability a central pillar of its solution. Through a one-stop cloud platform, real estate portfolio owners and managers can manage their resource consumption, CO2 reduction targets, employee satisfaction goals, and profitability KPIs. By leveraging these data-driven insights, BuildingMinds enables its customers to plan and analyze individually so as to make the best possible decisions for the present and for a sustainable future.

The platform is based on an industry-specific Common Data Model (CDM), state-of-the-art cloud architecture, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The CDM for Real Estate is co-developed with industry experts in the open International Building Performance & Data Initiative (IBPDI) , initiated by Microsoft, pom+, RICS, and BuildingMinds. This enables digital twins at a whole new level, providing data-driven insights and full visibility around building performance – from the strategic portfolio level down to the granular equipment view within a building.

In addition to full transparency regarding energy consumption and CO2 emissions, the BuildingMinds platform also analyzes the extent to which properties are at risk of failing to meet industry-standard decarbonization norms (e.g. CRREM targets). Such stranded assets are at risk of significant value loss due to reduced demand and regulatory measures. BuildingMinds supports its clients in identifying these properties, simulating decarbonization options, and calculating possible costs by pricing CO2 emissions.

From theory to practice: a revolutionary project with Schindler

BuildingMinds and Schindler have set up a lighthouse project that makes an abstract vision concrete reality: the digitization of the Schindler Germany headquarter buildings in Berlin.

This exceptional effort involved the installation of 500 sensors and the interlinking of millions of data points. Every bit of previously isolated information is harmonized through a Common Data Model and integrated in a Digital Building Twin on a cloud-based platform, making it possible to track all relevant parameters over time in near real-time. This outstanding combination into an overarching single source of truth enables countless new use cases, from workspace optimization and operations cost reduction to emission reductions and employee well-being.

The ESG platform with the plus

A pioneering journey towards sustainability

Connecting all data points of a single building enables unprecedented efficiency potential. Connecting an entire portfolio of hundreds of buildings unfolds the potential to exponentially increase value. And these are merely the first steps towards automated green real estate management. Soon, BuildingMinds will expand the integration of artificial intelligence capabilities based on Microsoft technology in its products to identify solutions and CO2 savings that were previously invisible – and to sustainably reshape the future of real estate.

Want to work with us on carbon neutrality? Reach out now!

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