1NCE IoT connectivity and software for a global, lifetime flat rate

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1NCE is the only provider of connectivity and software for IoT at a global flat rate – offering fast, secure, and reliable cellular connectivity and software services in over 110 countries worldwide. Our mission is to deliver true cross-border, future-proof IoT connectivity and software services without uncertainty over the lifetime of the device. 




For only €10 for 10 years, customers can deploy, connect, and manage IoT sensors across the globe. The 1NCE IoT Flat Rate is simple: 500 MB of data and 250 SMS, for as little as a Euro per year per device. This makes IoT applications affordable and scalable for smart utilities, asset tracking, vehicle telematics and more.

More than just connectivity

On top of that, 1NCE offers a unique set of ready-to-use and adaptable software tools, that solve typical challenges every IoT developer will always be confronted with, such as:


  • Device Authentication: The SIM card itself is being used as a secure element for authentication and unique device identification.
  • IoT-to-Cloud Connection: significantly reducing the complexity of reliably connecting IoT devices to customer cloud systems by translating protocols (UDP, CoAP or LwM2M) into AWS IoT Core or Webhooks. 
  • Device Inspection: Easy access of current and past device states and telemetry data which allows easy monitoring and support for devices in the field. 
  • Energy Saving: Optimizing payload transmission and remarkably increasing the runtime of battery powered devices. 

Focused on IT Challenges

1NCE’s global platform is built on a lean, virtualized and cloud-based core network, with a streamlined and fully automated business support system. All components and features have been developed with a clear focus on reducing IT complexity, while increasing usability and scalability.


1NCE, in partnership with operators like Deutsche Telekom, provides unrivaled global IoT connectivity and software services in over 110 countries, with plans to reach more than 140 by the end of 2022. We support all radio standards (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE-M and NB-IoT).



  • IoT connectivity via 2G/3G/4G/LTE-M/NB-IoT
  • SIM-Card included 
  • Coverage in 110+ countries & regions
  • One-off payment for €10 for 10 years
  • 500 MB and 250 SMS included
  • Connectivity Management Platform
  • Free access to all APIs
  • Plug & Play Software Tools
  • Software Development Ki

Start 1NCE Today

The 1NCE IoT Flat Rate can be ordered at shop.1nce.com or tested for free for 12 months exclusively at the AWS Marketplace. More than 8,500 customers worldwide already trust in 1NCE, managing already over 10 million connections.


The company – founded in 2017 by CEO Alexander P. Sator together with Deutsche Telekom AG – is headquartered in Cologne, Germany and has 200 staff in Amsterdam, Cologne, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Miami, Paris, Riga, Rome, and Warsaw.

Learn more online and follow 1NCE on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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